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Everything and More

The painting is everything we hoped for and more. The day the reference photo was taken, the sun would pop in and out from behind the clouds and the rock wall would illuminate. When the room is shaded in the morning we’ve found your painting has a light value consistent with the overcast skies on the day the photo was snapped, but as the sun swings around and lights the room later in the day, the work reflects the appearance of the scene when the sun popped through the clouds. It’s an interesting and welcome phenomenon.

Thanks for your care and dedication to the project. It will bring enjoyment to our family for generations to come.


Special Gift from a Friend

Oh Sue... I barely have words. It far exceeded my expectations. You are simply exceptional. I wish that I was able to articulate all the joy and happiness this beautiful painting brings me. It is incredibly beautiful, meaningful and a visual reflection of a wonderful story. 


Thank you for being part of the story.


One-of-a-Kind Gift

He absolutely loves his commissioned painting of his favourite and unique bottle of scotch. Thank you so much, Sue Miller, for this amazing painting!

Jessica Koeder

Complete Satisfaction

Using Sue Miller’s website, I commissioned an original oil on canvas painting of my favourite bottles of Scotch and Whisky from a photograph I provided. The entire process was uncomplicated. We discussed size, composition, timeliness, and price. It was simple, efficient, honest, and professional.

The painting turned out exactly as I had hoped it would. It is beautiful, vibrant, delicate, and very detailed. Each bottle and its content are perfectly captured and are to my complete satisfaction. The painting will bring us a lot of enjoyment, and in time, rekindle some very happy memories.

Sue is a talented artist and I definitely recommend her.

Michael Smith

A Perfect Holiday

Sue Miller, you are truly amazing at what you do! This picture captured the moments that we shared perfectly. Thanks so much...just amazing!

Niecy Dillon

A Gallery's Perspective

As a retail art gallery, we are always looking to represent and display a variety of talented local artists. Sue Miller's work not only enhanced our walls with her stunning architectural depictions, but she has come to paint some striking natural landscapes for us to display as well. Her ability to capture the light makes her pieces come to life, which offers our customers in turn a wonderful chance to see and purchase a fantastic piece of artwork. Sue's talent has been a welcome addition to our gallery and we are looking forward to continued success selling her paintings and building her local following. Keep up the great work, Sue!


Imagine That Art Gallery

Everything We Hoped For

Familiar with Sue’s work, we approached her to commission a piece with just the smallest spark of an idea. The painting is everything we hoped for and more, bringing back great memories every time we reflect on it.

Andrew Butterworth

California Commission

We picked up the painting and we love it!!! It's beautiful and the colors are perfect and we both love how "zen" it is. Thanks for all your hard work! 


Moment of Light

Thanks, Sue! It arrived today and I just peeked at it. Ohhh my goodness it’s even better in person. That moment of light through the trees is pure magic.

Thanks so much! I will definitely keep stalking your portfolio for my next piece!


Mother's Day Surprise

I received my very first piece of Sue Miller art today. I was eyeing this one since you posted it, Sue!! Amazing piece can’t wait to find the perfect wall for it!

Tricia Clark-O'Regan

Public Art Project

The revitalization of downtown Whitby is a key priority for this Council. Taking a collaborative approach, Sue has captured downtown Whitby’s rich history and opened up the possibilities of its future to the community.


Mayor Don Mitchell

Town of Whitby

Travel Memories

The idea for this commission was sparked by a hiking adventure with friends in the Yorkshire Dales of England. We looked at a number of photographs and asked Sue to create a blended memory of the landscape and the villages we encountered. Sue's ability to capture every detail of our ideas on a blank canvas is truly amazing.  

We will cherish this painting forever.

Debbie and Mark Wittgen

Wonderful Memories

When I purchased Sue Miller's painting Ready to Cruise, I was so excited as I had the perfect place for it in our brand-new home. Right in the hall when you first walk in the front door. Every time I see it, it puts a smile on my face and reminds me of all our wonderful memories of Cuba. Sue couldn't have captured Cuba any better than my camera! The painting is so realistic I feel like I could walk into it, and cruise the streets of Havana all over again. The colours are magnificent!!

Thank you Sue for such an amazing piece! Keep up the beautiful painting.


Rhonda Holloway

Imagine That Art Gallery

Childhood Memories

I had admired a painting done by Sue Miller, a realist painting of two running shoes, unlaced,
as if left at the door to my house as a young boy.

This painting somehow reminds me of my childhood running shoes, and reminds me of the action and fun associated with them.

I am the proud owner of this inspiring painting and it hangs in my office, to remind me of the importance of staying active, and having FUN !

Blair Buchanan

Original Christmas Gift

It is spectacular! I love it. I sent a pic to my daughter who said "Wow"! 

I look forward to working with you in the future. I will be contacting you in a couple months for another the same size as this.


Community Connection

We have the honour of showcasing some of Sue Miller's paintings in our beautiful old store. She dropped in yesterday with these new pieces. Not only is she a terrific person and incredibly talented, but I love talking to her. She understands small business and the importance of local community.

Stephanie Regent

Finnegan's General Store, Cloyne, Ontario

Coming Home With Me

I knew I needed this stunning oil painting by the amazing artist Sue Miller as soon as I saw it
online. I knew I had made the right choice when I welled up with tears when I saw it in person. This is a beautiful spot on Skootamatta Lake where my parents live. It’s currently sitting on my parents' stone fireplace and we all agree it looks fabulous there.....but this beauty is coming home with me. Sue is exhibiting her work at Koyman Galleries in Ottawa. Her booze bottles are unreal...

Michelle VandenBosch

Personal Collection

Sue Miller’s painted depiction of Massey Hall evokes music and memories. This venerated heritage site is carefully crafted by the Whitby artist with loving detail. With oils on canvas, Miller inspires recollection and narrative-building. How wonderful it is when a visual piece teases out stories and echoes with acoustical resonance.  
Olexander Wlasenko
Curator, Station Gallery

Touching Memory

It was a very emotional time for my clients (3 sisters) who are selling their family home where they were all born and raised. I reached out to Sue about doing something special for them and she stepped up to the plate and offered to do canvas prints embellished with oil paint! WOW is all I can say because now my clients have something to hang on their walls as a beautiful memory! Thank you Sue, they were all very touched by the talent found right here in Durham by a local artist with heart!

Dena Sicard, Sales Representative

Royal LePage FRANK

A Happy Reminder

This painting of Whitby's charming "Four Corner's" provides me with a reminder of the all the lovely evenings spent at Nice Bistro. It's a great piece that brings the love of my town into my home. 

Christine Meagher

Lasting Memories

It was a big hit! Thanks again. I will let you know when I figure out the next one!!! Don't retire.



My 50th birthday was coming up and with a pandemic, our plans for a fun trip have changed. My family asked me what I would like and a painting from one of my favourite artists, Sue Miller, was decided. I collected booze bottles that are favourites of my family or experiences we have shared. This is the final piece. I could not be more excited. Sue is an awesome artist and human. Her landscapes are equally exceptional.

Michelle Vandenbosh

Couldn't Be Happier

Working with Sue was so easy right from the start of the process of deciding what we wanted. It took us some time to make a choice of how to best commemorate a hiking trip we had taken. With many choices of memories from the trip, we struggled with how to incorporate all of the

highlights in one painting. Sue was great at sending us simulations of the painting within the space we had chosen which allowed us to see how things would look in our space before the painting was started.


We ended up changing our mind a couple of times and because of her assistance are so very pleased with the final product. Our painting perfectly captures our memories of our trip

and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Sue!

Kerry and Barry Mount

Local Landmarks

I can't express how impressed we are with the paintings Sue did for us. From the Durham Regional Police prints to the four paintings of various landmarks in the city of Whitby, the work is outstanding. Guests in the funeral home continually comment on the local paintings and rave about the quality of the work. 

I would recommend Sue for any design needs of any kind and I know we will be happy to have her do more local work for the funeral home. 
Randy Ling
Manager, Mount Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery

Jurors Remarks

Sue Miller creates spellbinding realistic and detailed oil paintings of places she encounters around the world. As we meander through her scenes, she arouses our senses and encourages us to discover shapes, colours and reflections of light on natural and man-made objects with a new perspective.

Renee Philips, director

Manhattan Arts International

Dena Sicard, Sales Representative

Royal LePage FRANK

Capture the Beauty

I first met Sue at Station Gallery and was immediately drawn to her high realism works that capture the beauty, culture and history of places she has travelled. So imagine my delight when I received The Hallway as a gift! A peek into the Palace of Versailles, where natural sunlight spills through magnificent columns casting brilliant shadows and creating depth and reflection that enhance the architecture of this era. It's almost as if I were standing right there!  

Anne Sims

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