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The Wayfarer

A new painting, fresh off the easel—The Wayfarer, 26 x 40 inches, oil on canvas.

We came across this scene as we were walking through Havana one day and I knew it would end up on canvas. That wonderful car is a Dodge Wayfarer which was produced from 1948 –1952. Vacuum powered windshield wipers and removable plastic side windows were a couple of the features when the vehicle was first available. They sold in record numbers in 1949 and cost about $1,700...heater and radio not included.

It's interesting that one of the definitions of wayfarer is "a person who travels on foot". An ironic name choice for a motorized vehicle but a good descriptor for this painting since hitting the bricks and seeing the city at street level is how this painting came about. Spending the day on a long amble through Havana's neighbourhoods and getting a more accurate perspective of its culture and vibe—marvelling at the crumbling architecture, chatting with the locals, catching the scent of something delicious cooking nearby—and feeling far from home in the best way possible. A wayfarers perfect day.

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