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Fuel for the Soul

With the arrival of spring, it feels good to start thinking about long sunny days outdoors and the benefits this brings. The connection between spending time in nature and increased vitality is becoming common knowledge. Numerous studies (1) have proven that spending time in nature makes us happier and healthier with a strong connection between nature and life satisfaction. Other benefits

include lower cognitive anxiety, improving short term memory, and healing mental fatigue.

Even if daily life does not permit spending time in nature on a regular basis, viewing scenes of nature has numerous beneficial effects as well. The health care industry is deliberately giving higher priority to artwork in their facilities since there is a direct link between viewing nature scenes and the brain's reaction to pain and anxiety. This theory translates to private homes, offices, schools, funeral homes, etc. In addition to being an important decorative element, nature art is a significant component to mental well being.

Take a few minutes to recharge with a virtual nature break. Have a look at some recent landscape paintings from the past year. More paintings are available in the gallery or see some in person at Imagine That Art Gallery, Whitby (965 Dundas St. W.)


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