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The Dales

I recently returned from an unforgettable adventure in the UK. After spending a few days in London gallery hopping, my husband Jeff and I traveled up to Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales where we met up with eight other adventure seekers and our guide, Mark Reid. We hiked through the rich and varied landscape of the Yorkshire Dales...76 miles (122+ kms), 6 days, and 24 pubs. It was all about inspirational landscapes, beautiful villages, local food & drink, history & heritage, and laughs in unspoiled village pubs with a wonderful group of friends. The days were spent walking from pub to pub through spectacular landscapes, travelling slowly and gently on foot, collecting memories and reference photos for future paintings.

Here are the first few paintings to come from this adventure. Oh, how I'd love to walk those paths again one day! The fresh air, the sheep bleating, the peace and traquility...heaven on earth.

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