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International Representational Show

I recently received acceptance into the Federation of Canadian Artists' Annual International Representational Show (A.I.R.S). This is a juried exhibition of representational and semi-representational original paintings, prints and drawings.

I’m currently developing a series of paintings of liquor bottles that explores both the historic as well as the current connection we have with alcohol. It is a peek at how alcohol brings us together, impacts our community, and sometimes tears our connections apart.

Typically, alcohol illustrates the character of an occasion. Champagne, for example, is frequently served with important celebrations such as weddings, special anniversaries, or promotions. Scotch on the other hand, is more likely to be enjoyed casually, perhaps by old friends reminiscing over a glass or two and a couple of cigars.

This particular piece is called Water of Life, which is translated from “uisge beatha” as it was known in 1495. The work shows scotch bottles grouped together as though they were old friends posing for a group photo. The whiskey might even reflect some qualities of the human spirit with each having a different character and attribute…strong, warm, spirited, etc.

Technically speaking, the aim in painting this piece was to highlight the ability of certain elements to reflect light, give colour, and show that delicate sense of structure in glass. From a distance, the effect is quite realistic but upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious that the elements are depicted in abstract simplicity.

This exhibition will be on at the Federation Gallery from October 10 – 29, 2017 at 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC.

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