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Feedback From a Happy Client

It’s such a treat to get feedback on a commission and see the painting in its new home. Sending a big THANK YOU to this wonderful client for the opportunity to work on this special painting for them. Framed beautifully by Koyman Galleries. It has a wonderful hanging companion too…a gorgeous piece by Randy Hayashi.


“The painting is everything we hoped for and more. The day the reference photo was taken, the sun would pop in and out from behind the clouds and the rock wall would illuminate. When the room is shaded in the morning we’ve found your painting has a light value consistent with the overcast skies on the day the photo was snapped, but as the sun swings around and lights the room later in the day, the work reflects the appearance of the scene when the sun popped through the clouds. It’s an interesting and welcome phenomenon.

Thanks for your care and dedication to the project. It will bring enjoyment to our family for generations to come.”

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