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New Work: "Missing"

This painting is centred around my Mom who passed away in November. Good memories have been popping up of us sitting together at Christmastime polishing her silver tea service. No one ever used it but it was precious to her. She would whistle Christmas carols under her breath as she polished and it was just nice to be together preparing for the holidays. I could always count on finding a clementine in my stocking on Christmas morning.

Because of Alzheimer’s, we spent her last years in a very long goodbye with her memories slowly being wiped away. I think of her butterfly earrings and feel sorry she’s gone but so glad that she’s free...

Not sure any of this makes sense to others but there’s nothing like art therapy to help work stuff out. This is the start of a small series.

Missing, 20 x 24 inches, oil on canvas.

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